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“I honestly NEVER thought I would learn to drive a manual car. I had been hit by a car when I was a teenager which put me off driving. I would get anxious whenever I sat behind a wheel. Driving seemed so stressful…..until I met Leah. Leah was simply amazing. Her enthusiasm and patience made learning to drive so much fun. I looked forward to every single driving lesson with Leah as she was as thorough with her teaching as she was with her style!  The best part of it was passing the test first time with only THREE minors…….Even my husband was amazed. I would definitely recommend Leah’s school of motoring. Trust me. It will be one of the best decisions you make in your life!” Dr. Kyla Thomas, Redhouse, Swindon

“Learning to drive with Leah is flexible, affordable and convenient all things you look for in a driving instructor. Leah completely understands your fears and anxieties. Leah saw tears of frustration and tears of joy. Leah is passionate about getting you that pass you long for. Leah also has the confidence that sometimes you need while learning to drive and embeds that in you from the first lesson until the day of your test. Leah is flexible while collecting you and dropping off after your lesson. Learning with Leah was a pleasant experience with a completely clean pass!!!! If looking for a driving instructor look no further! Thank you Leah!!” Megan Workman, Oakhurst, Swindon

“Leah’s is an exceptionally perseverant professional instructor and it’s courtesy Leah’s flexibility that I could make it through my driving test at a very tight deadline. She’s got all the qualities that you would expect from a professional instructor. I passed my driving test first time and it’s courtesy Leah’s training that I could do it. She is very friendly, sincere and put you at ease during lessons by developing your confidence. I felt relaxed and comfortable with Leah. I had few lessons with some other  instructors who just made me feel nervous all the time. But when I came to Leah, she gave me a positive feeling to pass and after just two weeks of training from Leah I passed in First time. My experience was brilliant and would highly recommend Leah’s driving to anyone looking for professional, patient and friendly instructor. Thanks Leah.” Preeti, Wroughton, Swindon

“A big thank you” for everything you did to help me pass my test today… I’m so happy I can’t stop smiling! Looking forward to taking the kids out and about over summer now… Thanks again Leah.  Natalie White, Redhouse, Swindon

“Leah has got a very efficient style of teaching. She is patient and completely understands your fears and anxities and helps you overcome them. Leah is also flexible with scheduling driving lessons and makes driving fun and relaxing. I’m glad I chose Leah’s School of Motoring.” Shirisha Gogineni, Haydon End, Swindon

When I decided to return to driving lessons after more than 10 years, I was very apprehensive and worried about whether I would be able to pass my test however Leah instantly put my mind at ease!  She is a patient instructor who always uses humour to defuse any tense situations.  Leah made my lessons really enjoyable and interesting each time.  Passing my test has been the best thing I have done and I owe it all to Leah! Helen Rao, Haydon End, Swindon

Leah was always friendly and understanding throughout my driving experience and gave me the confidence to drive sensibly and without hesitation, her lessons were very enjoyable and I would like to thank her for helping me pass my practical test at the first time of asking. Kai Anderson, St. Andrews Ridge, Swindon

“Leah always made me feel more confident about driving and I enjoyed her lessons as she is very friendly and funny! She helped me pass 1st time, I don’t think I could have done that without her” Hanna Garry, Ashton Keynes

“Throughout my driving experience with Leah, she helped me feel relaxed and proud of myself at the end of every lesson as she continually aided me in achieving my goals. Not only is she fantastic at teaching but she also made the lessons fun as well as informative, leaving me always looking forward to my next lesson. I passed my practical 1st time!” Josh Hatton, Faringdon

“Leah has always made me feel very confident with my driving, since the very first lesson. She is patient, understandable and good fun as well! I was so pleased to pass on my first practical test:-“ Maria Federico, Old Town, Swindon

“Having a late and interrupted start to learning to drive, I actually experienced a total of 3 different instructors. I can say without hesitation Leah was head and shoulders above the others making me feel safe, informed and comfortable. On reflection I would have saved a lot of money if I had met Leah earlier on but hindsight is a wonderful thing! I’m more than happy  for anyone to contact me (Leah has my number) should you need further assurance that I’m a real pupil or how highly I would rate Leah (it’s easy to write on the Internet!) But do yourself a favour and get Leah on the job! :D” Jonathan Huntingdon, Coleview, Swindon

“Passing my test was made so much easier by Leah. She teaches you very quickly and efficiently but she also becomes a good laugh and a fun teacher. I passed 1st time!!” Archie Moberly, Marlborough College

“Learning with Leah was relaxing and enjoyable. She has a very quick teaching style but is at the same time very efficient. Everything is explained in detail yet at the same time not too much that it becomes a blur. I’d highly recommend to anyone booking lessons in bulk to allocate the first 10 hours to your first week. This way you can fully understand all the basics before moving onto manoeuvres which certainly saved repeating things down the line and ultimately saving money. I passed first time with only 31 hours of lessons, thanks to Leah.” James Gzowski, Woodhall, Swindon

‘’During my time learning to drive I had two different driving instructors. When I realised I wasn’t happy with my first instructor’s approach to teaching I decided to look for a new instructor. Learning with Leah was fun, stress free and efficient, meaning I passed my driving test first time!  The lessons were relaxed and you learn everything you need to learn quickly, but efficiently and to test standard. I would highly recommend learning with Leah!!’’ Lauren Carter, Wroughton, Swindon

Learning with Leah has been a great and enjoyable experience. I have had my ups and downs with driving as many people who learn to drive do, however Leah encouraged me throughout the bad times and that has made me the driver I am today. I started with Leah before she went her own way, and I am so glad that instead of carrying on with the company that I was with, I chose Leah instead. Leah is phenomenal driving instructor, without her, I am sure I would not have had the great driving experience I have had. I have always got on well with Leah as she is very easy going. We have had a humorous time whilst I have been learning with her. Very laid back lessons and a good outlook can have a great impact on your driving, and Leah has always made this easy for me. She is very thorough with what she does and although this may feel boring at the time, every little bit of information she gives or teaches to you is essential for making you a better driver. I passed first time and I am proud to say that Leah has steered my way to success. I have had a fabulous time and will never forget who has given me my freedom. You will definitely never regret your decision to learn to drive in ‘Leah’s School of Motoring’!!! So….THANK YOU LEAH!!!!Jordan Lamb, Wroughton, Swindon It is nice learning with Leah’s School of Motoring. The instructor Leah is amazing full of enthusiasm and patience. Anyone looking to learn driving I would suggest try Leah’s School of Motoring. 🙂 Thanks once again Leah for your patience and efforts. Janet De Souza, Walcot East, Swindon “I would highly recommend Leah as the ideal driving instructor! Not only is she great at teaching she makes the lessons fun and relaxed, which in turn makes you feel more confident when driving. Leah is a peolple person with great people skills and I always looked forward to my lessons with her. I passed 1st time and I don’t think I could have done it without Leah’s support and encouragement. She’s a real gem” Bella Aplin, Old Town, Swindon “It was not until I went for driving lessons with Leah that I soon realized how ill equipped I was for the road. In two weeks, you would not believe it, but I was ready. Leah combines humour and thoroughness to get you ready for your test. I was a bit apprehensive before the test, but could not believe how thoroughly prepared I was after the test. If you are really interested in making it first time, she’s  your coach. Cheers Leah” Rev. Tim Babu, Coleview, Swindon